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Projects: Projects

Recognized by US Senator Harris Wofford for effort directly supporting the creation of the first federally funded pilot program providing education opportunities to out of school youth who lacked high-school diplomas. 

Directed financial operations of more than $150M operating budget for a global organization in charge of 50 international charities and combined federal campaigns. 

Headed or assisted in the creation of six for profit start-ups and was an integral part of the management teams that oversaw the daily operations/business development/and ultimate success of all six. 

Hired by three different organizations to create new 501(c)3 nonprofits. Inluded all state and IRS filings; creation of all organizational documents including Articles of Incorporation/By-laws/Policies and Procedures/etc. 

Supervised construction of $34M collegiate student services facility saving $3M in costs and opening four months early by negotiating contracts, managing payment reviews, and overseeing design and construction process.

Developed a cash flow monitoring system that accounted for accumulations of $5M in reserves over the management period. 

Oversaw grant writing of more than $100M that allowed for the retention and reskilling of civilian workers at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard following a massive layoff event in suburban Philadelphia. Up to 250 annual contracts for subcontractors provided training for dislocated/unemployed and under-employed workers.

Established a new line of services for a global philanthropic agency that added approximately $30M in annual funding in it's 15 months of operations. 

Designed and implemented operational and accounting systems to facilitate workplace giving campaigns from more than 30 Fortune 500 companies.

Organized and performed Inspector General audit of $50M organization in three days to alleviate all potential jeopardy. No findings found. 

Reconstructed more than a half-dozen community center operation strategies and executive management teams at locations across the United States to enhance operational capacity, elevate accreditation, and solidify foundations for the exponential growth of services and localized impact.

Successfully launched multiple tax-exempt bond issues totaling more than $60M to support construction development projects in Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, and Texas. 

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